This high tension pole that may cause mayhem if PHCN does nothing

The PHCN high tension pole pictured below by a reader of Linda Ikeji’s blog is clearly falling, and could cause death if not removed by PHCN officials. It is at the Onitsha-Asaba Express Way.

According to the poster, they have complained bitterly to PHCN officials to do something about it, to no avail. Someone should please force the officials to do the right thing.

Reminds me of the Head Bridge which links Onitsha and Asaba that has almost been falling for years. Is the government waiting till it falls and kills lots of human beings before they do something about it?

Louisiana Primary: Donald Trump threatens lawsuit against Republican Party

Donal Trump has threatened a lawsuit over what he sees as unfairness that favours his rival Ted Cruz in the Republican primary, especially as concerns the Louisiana primary. He made the threat via a tweet on his twitter handle. See tweet below.

Donald Trump is known to attack rivals that he sees as threats, and with news that Ted Cruz is inching towards his in a crucial new poll, he may be preparing to launch a yuge onslaught on Ted. The Donalds attacks usually work.

When he attacked Ted earlier on in the primaries by saying he wasn’t qualified to contest for the US primary because he wasn’t born in the United Staes, the attack stuck and pulled down Cruz’s poll numbers.


Belgian sports rider Demoitie dies after being hit by a bike at Gent-Wevelgem race

A 25-year-old Belgian cyclist Antoine Demoitie, has died after colliding with a motorbike during Belgium’s Gent-Wevelgem race. The rider, was hit by a motorbike when several riders came down in a crash as the race progressed in northern France.

He was taken to a hospital in Lille but unfortunately died some time later.The race was eventually won by the current world champion, Peter Sagan of Slovakia.

May Demoitie’s soul rest in peace.

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APC calls for Minister of State for Petroleum to resign over fuel scarcity

Yesterday, the APC National Vice Chairman for the South-South, Prince Hilliard Eta, called for the resignation of Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, saying that the minister was still speaking and behaving like a PDP member.

In a press statement, the APC national vice chairman said, “Kachukwu has not entirely cast off the orientation of the Peoples Democratic Party where he was.”

“In the light of the foregoing, Mr. Kachukwu must not be a cog in the wheel of progress and he should do the needful by resigning honourably if he is not capable of doing his part by efficiently running the ministry assigned to him,” he said.

Pressure has been mounting on Kachikwu to resing in recent days, but it seems he still has the confidence of Buhari his boss. Time will tell.

Why we won’t tell Nigerians how much we have recovered from looters- Buhari

President Buhari has told Nigerians that the government will not disclose the actual amount that has been recovered from looters because the money will be used as exhibit against the looters, who are going to be tried.

It had been widely assumed before now that the looted funds are being recovered due to amnesty deals where the looters give back money in return for not being prosecuted for stealing them. But from what is obtainanble it seems Buhari may be bent on prosecuting at least some of them.

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