Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Have Already Won 4 States Each On Super Tuesday

The results of Super Tuesday are already trickling in, and the article linked below reports that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have already clinched 4 states each.

It appears that Hillary should brace herself because she won’t be meeting a cool, calm, opponent from the Republican Party – like Jeb or Rubio. She would be meeting The Donald of Trump. And you know how the Donald likes to fight – dirty.

He either washes people’s dirty linen in public; or if your clothes are spotlessly clean, he flings mud at ya.

See article: US election 2016: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump rack up early wins – BBC News

Mobile traffic courts strike fear into the hearts of traffic abusers in Lagos

The article linked to below describes how mobile courts to try traffic offenders which was instituted last month has brought increased sanity into the transport system, as reckless drivers are tried, convicted and fined.

Let’s hope it makes Lagos a safer place to be. And let’s hope it is not abused.

See article below.

Source: Advent of Mobile traffic courts: Fear grips motorists as many traffic offenders convicted, fined – Vanguard News

Eze Ndigbo Should Stop Addressing Themselves As Royal Fathers- Ohaneze

According to the article i the link, in a bid to stop the current situation where Igbos who are not kings address themselves as such outside Igbo Land, Ohaneze Ndigbo has strongly advised them to stop doing such.

Source: Ohanaeze bars Igbo in Diaspora from acting as royal fathers – Vanguard News