What would have made this wife remove her pants on the street while fighting her husband?

Kenya, couple fight, husband and wife fighting, wife undresses
Why did she disgrace Oga like this na? Wetin only him suppose dey see, she go dey expose like that?

I have been asking myself this, ever since I saw these bizarre photos that are said to have happened on the streets of Kenya. A husband and his wife were said to be fighting (on the street) and at one point, the wife took off her panties, not minding that she was in the public of igwemmadu! And, thereby freely showing the world what only her husband should see.

Is it that the husband has been doing the same thing codedly, so she decided to do her own openly; or is it that… please help me out here. What must have caused this? If you know or can guess, please drop your comment. But let me ask one more question: If you were the husband, will this make you park out of the area, or you go bear the shame dey stay there?

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