10 Reasons UBA Is Nigeria’s Leading Bank

Dear Reader, UBA (United Bank for Africa) is not just any bank. It is Nigeria’s trailblazing bank that sets the trend while others follow.Do you know that:

UBA was the first among international banks to be registered under Nigerian Law in 1961? Continue reading “10 Reasons UBA Is Nigeria’s Leading Bank”

Lady’s Skin Burns Up After She Took ‘Septrin’ in Katsina 

According to a Twitter user who shared the photo on social media, a woman has fallen victim to Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) in Katsina State, after taking Septrin Sulphamethoxazole tablet as the …

Source: Shocking Adverse Drug Reaction: See What Happened to a Lady After Taking Septrin in Katsina | Welcome To Uzomedia

We had to share this to increase awareness among our readers of the fact that people can react to some medicines, and therefore, sometimes it is safer to take these drugs with the supervision of a physician.

May God heal her quickly, amem.