Lionel Messi Retires Due To Continuous Argentine Title Failure

World’s best footballer, Lionel Messi is not a happy man right now, and it has to do with football. While so many footballers would give a lifetime to be at the pedestal Messi is held, Messi feels he lacks something many average footballers have gotten easily – a title win for his country on the senior level. Continue reading “Lionel Messi Retires Due To Continuous Argentine Title Failure”

Fire Raging In Auburn University, Alabama

Fire personnel are still fighting to quell a fire outbreak in Lowder Hall, Auburn University, Alabama. Reports say surrounding buildings are however unaffected.

Classes have been canceled and officials say the building and its parking lot will remain closed today. Employees who work in the building have been told not to report to work. Continue reading “Fire Raging In Auburn University, Alabama”