New Efforts To Stop Trump Candidacy Fail

Last week saw heated efforts by many Republican leaders to stop the Republican Party from continuing to fund the campaign of political outsider and party candidate, Donald Trump. But all that effort to stop the funding seems to have been a total waste of time.

This is because the Chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus has instead restated the Republican Party’s total support for Trump. Appearing alongside Trump at a rally on Friday, Priebus told a crowd that talk of the RNC stopping financial support for Mr. Trump was in his words, ‘garbage’. He said;

“Don’t believe the garbage you read,” Priebus said. “Let me tell you something: Donald Trump, the Republican Party, all of you — we’re gonna put him in the White House and save this country together.”

So many members of the Republican elite (those who have held power in the party for a long time, have not been happy that Donald Trump is their party’s candidate, and would have preferred one of them to have won the primaries instead.

Normally, after the primaries, party members of political parties, including rivals, unite behind the one who wins the primary elections. But in the 2016 elections, only Hillary Clinton is enjoying such support from her own party, the Democratic Party.

Interestingly, by moves by the elite to undermine Trump don’t seem to have undermined his support among the Republican grassroots.

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