Donald Trump Should Not Try To Take Advantage Of Hillary Clinton’s Health Issues

Hillary Clinton as we all know, had to be rushed out of the 9-11 memorial held yelsterday, and she is reported to be down with pneumonia. It is true that Donald Trump has been making an issue of how Clinton is not qualified to be US president, but he should please not take advantage of this particular opportunity.

Suntzu, the ancient Chinese warfare expert said that in war, some battles must not be fought, and some victories must not be gotten, or something to that effect, and this qualifies as one of those victorirs that shouldnot be gotten, because the mainstream media is waiting for any opportunity to label Trump as being crass, insensitive, inhuman, you name it.

Now is time for Trump to practice Winston Churchill’s maxim of being magnanimus in warfare. It is not easy to let this slide, as Hillary Clinton is a very formidable candidate, but Trump just has to let this slide. It is tempting not to, as I know  a lot of Trump’s 11 million Twitter followers would like him to really savage Hillary over th7s 9-11 health issue, but let him not do it.

Let Trump be Trump, but this is one time for him to act presidential.

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