Make Una Leave Patience Jonathan Alone-Interesting Rant By Charlie Boy

The latest unconfirmed gist heating up the social media is about former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, who is spitting fire on EFCC for freezing her accounts containing about 6.3 billion Naira, claiming that she is being deprived of her right to her hard-earned money. Yes o, however you wan look am, she worked for that money!

Why are people suddenly upset? Isn’t it the same Naija people who have been shouting, “bring back our corruption”, since the country slipped into recession? Dia ris God ooooo!!!

Since 1978 or so, we have been living on corruption money, and hailing the thieves. Haba Naija, I tire for una. Abegi make we hear word and make we read something useful on this social highway. Una dey provoke say dem see billions for Mama Peace account.

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The New York Times, Mexico’s Weapon Against Trump

New York Times has just endorced Hillary Clinton for President of the United States, and I will say there is no surprise in this. In case we have forgotten, the biggest shareholder of the NYT is Calors Slim, the richest man in Mexico.

There is no way the Times would not have endorced Clinton after Donald Trump’s promise to build a yuge wall between the US and Mexico if elected president. As it stands, the biggest weapon Mexico has in its fight against Donald Trump is the New York Times.

The truth is that the chief stewards of the New York Times, the Sulzberger family, cannot afford to antagonise its biggest backer, Calors Slim, who even though he is the biggest shareholder, has left them as publishers of the paper. The Sulzberger Clan own most of the voting shares while Slim owns most of the ordinary shares.
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2 Reasons Fayose Must Stop Taunting Aisha Buhari On US Trip

Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State is one of the most successful Nigerian politicians of all time. It is not everyday you find a politician that defeats 2 incumbent governors by a landslide accross the span of several years of political inactivity. That is a sign that Fayose is indeed one of the political warriors of our time.

To add to this, he has turned himself into one of the pillars of Nigeria’s opposition, speaking the truth to power courageously. He is also a politican of conviction, which can be seen in the way he has fearlessly tackled the herdsmen farmer crises in Ekiti State, outlawing free grazing and providing ranchlands for herdsmen in Ekiti State.

But one battle he is sure to always loose is the battle of challenging First Lady Aisha Buhari to visit the US and show irrefutable proof that she really did. This is a proxy strategy he is using in an attempt to discredit his political opponents the ruling APC. And while at the brginning he succeeded in getting sympathy by riling Mrs Buhari and getting her to loose her cool and use strong language against him, he can’t win in that battle in the long run, because international politics is not on his side on that issue, even assuming for a moment that First Lady Aisha Buhari is guilty of taking bribe in the Halliburton saga, as he has alleged.

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(Photos) Car-Swallowing Holes Develop On Road Linking Dopemu And Egbeda

The photos below show a very bad portion of a road that links to Egbeda from Dopemu Underbridge. The tops of the drainage that intercect the road have collapsed in several places creating dangerous ditches on the middle of the road. Holes big enough to swallow speeding cars. Vehicles have to slow down to avoid falling into the holes. Imagine a vehicle passing there inthe night without the driver seeing the ditches on time! God forbid!

The relevant authorities shouldquickly cover them up to prevent calamity. People in the area say the dangerous death traps have been there for some time. I wonder what the authorities have been waiting for. Anyway see the photos.




Sad: Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Divorce

Why? The long courtship and marriage between US filmstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was a huge inspiration. They were a famous Hollywood couple that we believed would grow old together. We were especially inspired by the couple’s penchant for adopting kids from poor countries. But now, CNN is carrying the news that they are going their separate ways. It is sad, really sad.Why couldn’t they just be like Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton? Continue reading “Sad: Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Divorce”