We have been told that Ivanka Trump wants to make climate change one of her signature issues during her father’s presidency. Trump haters have been yapping about that. Rather than be happy that one of Trump’s closest advisers has taken the issue as one of her most important concerns, they are busy griping that she is Trump’s daughter, as if that somehow makes climate change advocacy evil. Again, they forget that she is an American citizen. Continue reading “WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM IVANKA TRUMP?”

The Press Should Concede Victory To Donald Trump Already!

It is a tradition in the United States for the losing party to concede victory to the victor after the presidential elections. Hillary Clinton, who was Donald Trump’s opponent from the Democratic Party has already done so. So, why am I asking the press (most of it) to concede defeat in US election 2016 to Donald Trump? Because clearly, the 3 main candidates in the just concluded US presidential elections were Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and …. The mainstream press. Yes the mainstream press. Continue reading “The Press Should Concede Victory To Donald Trump Already!”

America’s Benefit If Trump Frees Assange

Julian Assange contributed so much to the victory of Donald Trump in the November 2016 US Presidential elections, but that is not why I, a Trump supporter is asking for Donald Trump to release him from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, which has been his defacto prison for the past 6 years.

Yes, under the rules of political give and take, a case can be made for the freeing on Assange due to his effective use of media that benefitted The Donald’s campaign. Whether you like Assange or hate him, you cannot deny that the email leaks he published on his Wikkileaks site were so effective they were a real problem for Donald Trump’s Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Continue reading “America’s Benefit If Trump Frees Assange”

Why Trump May Fill His Cabinet Up With Military Officers

One of the most remarkable things about the Trump transition is the amount of military officers up for consideration for positions in his cabinet. Their is a growing fear in some quarters that Donald Trump’s Administration would become a military regime in thinly veiled civilian clothing. Continue reading “Why Trump May Fill His Cabinet Up With Military Officers”