‘Herdsmen violence behind the high cost of foods in Nigeria’-Vanbonattel

A Nairalander, vanbonattel has accused herdsmen as being the ones behind the high cost of foods in Nigeria. In a post on Nairaland, he said:

‘People no longer waste their time to go out and plant crops in their farms, herdsmen will just come as you are leaving and chew the whole farms. That is if they dont kill, rape or maim the farmer. 
‘The government is aware of this and has been silent since it favors a particular tribe that rears animals.’

He continued: ‘Garri, yam, millet, corn and vegetables are set to get more expensive as herdsmen continue to kill farmers unchallenged.’

Is vanbonattel right? One thing I keep saying is that the Federal Government should financially empower the herdsmen to buy land for ranches from willing sellers. 

That should make everyone happy. But for some mysterious reason, they seem reluctant to do so, prefering grazing reserve which will mean siezing people’s ancestral land and giving it to the herdsmen. 

To someone from Southern Nigeria, that would look like ethnic cleansing. That is why it would never work.

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