FG Listens To Zikist Movement: To Work With ‘Illegal’ Refineries

The Federal Government has agreed to work with the so called illegal refineries in the Niger Delta. If you are a regular reader of Zikist Movement, you will know that this is one of the issues we have kept in the front burner, because we believe that the ‘illegal’ refineries ought to have been legalised, licensed and regulated a long time ago.

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I am: an Igbo Prince, an Equianoist, President of the Zikist Movement, a journalist, blogger, historian, voiceover artist, On Air Personality, commentator, author and social media consultant. If you need our services, call or text us on +234 0810 0606 316.

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  1. Thank you, May and Ggy. We look forward to you registering on the site and making great blog posts designed to improve Nigeria.

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