Zikistmovement.com reaction to AYCF call on Buhari not to stand for reelection

The Arewa Youths Consultative Forum recently asked Buhari not to contest for a second term in 2019. Zikist Movement’s Reaction to AYCF: You cannot just be picking and discarding presidents when Igbos are waiting to have their own turn in 2023.

If President Buhari is not performing, call him and advice him, and even offer constructive critisism. But you don’t have the luxury of picking and discarding at this late hour.

Besides, it is Buhari’s constitutional right to stand for a second term if he so wishes. It is your right to vote him out if you can.

In as much as we are unhappy with some aspects of President Buhari’s approach to the farmer-herdsmen crisis, nuclear energy, it is wrong to blame Buhari for everything going wrong in the economy today.

President Buhari on his part should do more to show Nigerians that he feels their pains, especialy in the area of providing top class medical facillities in the country, providing jobs and cheaper food for the masses.

Signed: Prince Charles Offokaja, President, Zikist Movement

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