Nnamdi Kanu alleges that Buhari is no longer bald

IPOB activist, Nnamdi Kanu, who survived Operation Python Dance, has boldy claimed that the current occupant of Aso Rock is not Buhari.

He made this claim while addressing his supporters in a live broadcast via Radio Biafra yesterday.

Kanu that if Buhari should remove his cap for air to enter, people will run away. He alleged that the man at the helm of Nigeria’s affairs is a certain Jubril from Sudan.

He stated,

“That thing in Aso Rock from Sudan is not bald, like the real Buhari.”

“If you think I’m lying, ask that thing in Aso Rock, to remove his cap for air to penetrate his head, people will run away.”

He then announced that experts from America would help him in the exposure.
“Experts from America are coming, to join me in this very exposure of that thing called Jubril.”

However, pundits have published several pictures of Buhari recently that show him without cap, and he is bald. See some photos below:


President Buhari prays in Mecca, recently.

Nnamdi Kanu’s bold claims have ignited fierce online debate. But Buhari supporters say if his claims were true, recent photos of President Buhari without  a cap would not show him bald.


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