Poor User Experience At GT Bank, PWD Branch

GT Bank PWD branch is branded as a 24 Hour E service centre.

A billboard in the bank’s premises offers ATM money withdrawal services that attracts users plying the Agege Motor Way in Lagos.

Its strategic location ensures that users all the way from Sango, Abule Egba, Iyana Ipaja, etc., often drive or trek in to withdraw money.

But users who attempt withdrawals during morning hours almost always end up dissapointed. Why?

According to Zikist Movement investigations, there is often no cash in the ATMs in the morning joyr.

When our correspondent asked bank staff the reason for this, they were met with very lame excuse.

Most banks deliver effective ATM services as early as 8am. But in this instance, reverse is often the case.

A source told our correspondent that in terms of  providing working ATM services in the morning hours, GT Bank PWD branch currently offers extremely poor service.

He wondered why GT Bank operates an ATM centre which doesn’t dispense cash in the mornings, leaving customers stranded.

“You can imagine a situation where there was an accident and the relations of the victim urgently needed to get cash, only to reach the ATM and find the bank staff hadn’t put cash, by 9 am!”

“GT Bank is demarketing itself by continuing to allow this”, the source added.

Further investigations revealed that a large number of afternoon users  have a poor opinion of the branch’s morning-hour ATM services.


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