See the reaction of Governor Wike’s son after Davido visited his father rocking shorts and T-shirt not suit or traditional attire

So, Davido rocked shorts and T-shirt to visit the powerful Governor of Rivers State, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike.

But perhaps because Davido himself is a powerful celebrity, Governor Wike ignored any breach in protocol. If he was displeased, he didn’t show it as he was all smiles.

(Mind you, if the visitor was not an A-List celebrity, he might have been walked out of Government House and banned from ever returning.)

But Wike’s son wasn’t amused (look at the 3rd picture in the article I linked to).

Some will say he snubbed Davido, while others will say he was sending an important text message that just couldn’t wait when Davido walked over to snap a photo with him.

But upper class kids have this habit of not getting overexcited when celebrities visit.

I remember when a popular blogger whose first name starts with ‘L’ visited an elite secondary school whose name starts with the letter ‘V’ located in Lagos.

If she expected screaming fans queing up to get her autograph -as she is used to- she was disappointed. Because the students just didn’t send. Ouch.

This is a blogger who is treated like royalty because of her groundbreaking achievements in online journalism.

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