Bad luck?: Delivery man falls asleep on the wheel and his truck smashes into cars worth $1.6 million!

Luck seemingly ran out of a Taiwanese delivery man recently. He fell asleep while driving a delivery van. And before he could say ‘open your eyes’, the van smashed into cars whose values are many times his salary.  

The man who was allegedly in dreamland, crashed his Mitsubishi cargo van into four parked Ferraris. When damage was accessed, it would take at least $300,000 to repair the luxyry cars.

He was making the deliveries at 5:00 am in the morning when he hit the cars at approximately 25 miles per hour, Taiwan News reports.

However luck may have smiled at him as members of the public in Taiwan are reportedly making plans to make donations towards the repair of the expensive cars.
See photos if the almost totaled cars here.


If sleepy while driving:

1. Open your glass to allow breeze alert you

2. Chew a gum while driving

3. Or just pack in a safe place and sleep it out.

Nuff said.

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