Nnamdi Kanu suspension of 2019 election boycott disappoints some but relieves others

­In January, we told you that Nnamdi KANU  might call off the IPOB’s boycott of the 2019 election. Well, he has.

The question now is: how will some of his followers feel about it, after arguing online for 2019 election boycott?

Nnamdi KANU has effectively told them to join forces with some whom they have had bitter arguments online with.

Some of Nnamdi Kanu’s followers will be relieved at the permission to vote. Others might feel disappointed, because they believed so much in the election boycott strategy.

The opposition PDP party will surely be relieved. With the boycott out if the way, they hope many IPOB  supporters will vote for them.

At the same time, the APC has just been given more electoral work to do.

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