Esther Foundation Holds Awareness Rally Against Rape In Ikotun

Friday was a day the people of Ikotun, Lagos would not forget in a hurry.

That was the day Esther Human Rights Foundation held a rally against rape and domestic violence.

It was a colourful and informative event as members and volunteers of the NGO sensitized the general public on ways of detecting rape in children, and what to do if rape occurs.

Phone number to call for help in cases of rape/ domestic violence was shared to members of the public.

This is in the NGO’s effort to reduce the cases of rape in Nigeria which is approaching epidemic proportions.

See colourful photos from the event below:

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4 thoughts on “Esther Foundation Holds Awareness Rally Against Rape In Ikotun”

  1. Rape is a great evil on the body of another human and should not be treated lightly.

    But people should always find out if the person accused is innocent.

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