Trending Advice To A Woman Whose Husband Is Cheating And Body Shaming Her- kennygee

We read this trending advice giving to a woman whose husband is cheating and body shaming her on Nairaland, and we knew we should definitely share it as it seems very sound.

Dear woman, I can imagine the emotional and psychological pain you’re going thru, however, making a decision right now might not be wise cause it will be an emotional one.

Just keep praying for him and ask God for strength to overcome. It is only when there’s a crack in the wall that a lizard can enter.

Start working out the little way you can, start dressing really nice, so nice you’ll get compliments outside. It will improve your self esteem, wear make up, smell nice. It might not stop him from cheating but it will build up your self esteem and confidence so much that you’ll see you’re not the problem.

You’ll be in a better place to decide if you want to stay with him or leave.

All the best.

I hope you have a job or a business sha?

Cause the best security a woman can have is her own money. – kennygee

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