Nairalander reveals friend’s reaction when told ruga settlement would be cited in his town

As the debate for or against the proposed ruga settlements in the South and North Central continues, here is what a Nairalander posted about the issue. He says:

I told a friend of mine who… is also an advocate for giving lands to herdsmen that I read that his state governor had agreed to site a Ruga settlement in his town.
My friend immediately flew into a tantrum & started cursing his governor. It was when he started making calls that I told him I was kidding.
When he calmed down, I now asked him why he won’t want the Ruga settlements he supports to be sited in his town. He said the herdsmen have wahala & cited the environmental hazards & other challenges…
But this same guy would go online & vehemently defend this same policy that he doesn’t want in his home town…
Is that not hypocrisy?

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