See Official Photo Of Princess Dera Offokaja, Miss Africa Idaho 2017

The ever-smilling beauty queen backstage at an official event

Official photos of the reigning Miss Africa Idaho, Princess Dera Offokaja, have been released. She looks stunning like the beauty queen she is. ZikistMovement also learnt she is making waves as a musician and artist in the United States and doing Nigeria proud.

Seeing red: Gideon Okeke slams back at Chinwetalu Agu to ‘educate’ him

The young Tinsel actor whom Chinwetalu Agu attacked a few hours ago for calling him a peddler of vulgar phrases, has also slammed back at the veteran actor through his IG page, in a bid to ‘educate’ him. However, the hit-back is not being taken well by Gideon’s own fans on his page, as they are currently tearing him to pieces there.

Some are of the opinion that Gideon is digging his professional grave by taking on the well respected Chinwetalu Agu. Do you think Gideon should put a break on it, since Chinwetalu Agu is by far his elder? Abi make him carry go, after all, comment is free?