Emma Stone to bring light to the sad life of JFK sister Rose Kennedy

Rosemary Kennedy was poorly understood throughout her life, but hopefully,Emma Stone will help us more fully understand the lady that started the Special Olympics, as she stars in the new film Letters From Rosemary

Bags Of Fresh Air Now Sold In China (Photos) 

The Chinese, like the Igbos are a very enterprising people. As a result of the increased pollution in newly industrialized Chinese cities, some dudes in the countryside came up with the idea of selling fresh air from the mountains to visiting city folk, and the city folk are buying the air in droves. Makes some sesce, doesnt it? No chemicals from foggy cities to you.

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About Fidel Castro’s 1973 prediction that Obama would come talk to Cuba when Pope Francis is pope

Guys, what do you think of this. The Cuban leader is said to have made this quote when fellow revolutionary Che Guevara jokingly asked him in 1973 when Cuba will ever have diplomatic relations with the US again.

Che was reported to have asked; “Fidel, when are we going to have diplomatic relations with the Yankees again?”

And Castro fired back, “The day when the US president is black and the pope an Argentinian like you.”

The question now is:did this conversation ever happen? What’s your own take?

Source: Prophecy Fulfilled? See What Fidel Castro Said In 1973 Ths Is Happening Now – Politics – Nigeria