Saudi Prince: Saudi may get nuclear weapons over Iran

Saudi Arabia’s former intelligence chief, Prince Turki Al-Faisal has warned that if Iran breaks the recent nuclear deal brokered by the Obama Administration and moves to acquire nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia may react by acquiring its own nuclear weapons.

While speaking at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the Prince said,

“All options” would be on the table if Iran moves toward a bomb, “including the acquisitions of nuclear weapons, to face whatever eventuality might come from Iran.”

Saudi Arabia and Iran two powerful oil exporters based in the Middle East don’t see eye to eye on many issues. Continue reading “Saudi Prince: Saudi may get nuclear weapons over Iran”

Donald Trump’s foreign policy: why Ukraine should begin negotiating with Russia now

Presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, has laid out his foreign policy plan, which he says he will adhere to when he becomes president.

Reading from a teleprompter, in a speech yesterday, Trump said he would among other things, discuss the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Nato, with Western allies. He also said he would work wth allies from the Middle East to solve problems there.

But he said countries like Japan and South Korea, which have been under US security umbrella must be prepared to pay for it, or the US would withdraw such services.

Mr Trump pointed out that these foreign policy measures were not set on stone, and there would be some flexibility in applying them.

Overall, he seems to hinge the success of his foreign policy on his deal-making prowess, which he has great confidence in. If Mr Trump wins, there would clearly be significant changes in US foreign policy. I think it would be more pragmatic and less doctrinaire, and would be aimed at making US power projection feater and leaner.

US foreign policy would look less like a standing army and more like a commando special forces operation. Expect Russia to hae a more robust conversation with the US than it has had for many years. Let us see what that might mean for Nato expansion in what Russia likes to refer to s its backyard.

I think Ukraine, which means the borderland should expect to be thrown back towards Russia, because Donald Trump will expect them to pay, and since their economy isn’t currently as strong as say South Korea’s, payments might be difficult.

Ukraine is having a hard time paying Russia for gas, not to talk of any US security umbrella. So, Ukraine should begin now to negotiate with Russia for a soft landing, as Trump’s body language seems to indicate they should. They have better leverage now, than when they are out in the cold.

As for the Chinese, Trump’s policy with them would most likely be ruled by constructive give and take and not by any bullying, given China’s undeniable economic sthrength and importance to the US.

Brits come for ‘part Kenyan’ Obama for ‘sticking his nose in their business’

Meeting 2-year-old Prince George, the future King of Britain was not the only thing President Barack Obama did in his recent official visit to the United Kingdom – probably his last as US President. Mr Obama also wrote an article in which he  argued that Brits should vote to remain in the European Union in a coming referendum on that matter.

But that piece of advice did not go down well with many members of the British public as well as its press, and some ‘bold’ government officials, as they came out on Twitter and other media to condemn his ‘intervention’ in Continue reading “Brits come for ‘part Kenyan’ Obama for ‘sticking his nose in their business’”

Breaking News: Saudi Arabia to build bridge over Red Sea to Egypt

Saudi Arabia’s ruler King Salman has announced that Saudi Arabia, the richest Arab country in the world will build a bridge to connect Egypt, the most populous Arab nation on earth.

The bridge will be built over the Red Sea and the King has said that it would boost trade between the two countries.

The Egyptian President, Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi says the bridge will be named after the Saudi King.

The Red Sea is one of the most famous seas on earth. That is the Sea were the biblical Moses separated the waters to allow the Isrealites to escape the pursuing Egyptians.

Even though Saudi is an oil dependent country they forced themselves to save almost $1 trillion Dollars from crude oil sales. So even though the current low price of oil is bitting them, they can survive for years without having a major economic problem.

Egypt, being the most populous Arab country, is well respected in the Arab league. It is geographically located in Africa, while Saudi is geographically located in Asia.

How I wish the Saudi King had also given President Buhari money for our second Niger Bridge, which I hear may not see the light of the day in 2017.

Why the British Government may not pressure the Nigerian Government to release Nnamdi Kanu

A spokesman of the British High Commission in Nigeria, Mr Joe Abuku has said that the British Government has been rendering assistance to detained Radio Biafra Director Nnamdi Kanu, who is charged by the Nigerian Government with Treason.

This was contained in an email response to a letter written by Punch to the High Commission. According to the statement, the assistance they have rendered Nnamdi Kanu includes visiting him and attending his court appearances in an observatory capacity.

But Nnamdi Kanu, through his lawyer Ifeanyi Ejiofor, had recently written a letter to them asking themt not to abandon him, since he is a British citizen. So, it is clear that Nnamdi Kanu considers the level of assistance so far rendered by the British Government to be grossly inadequate. In fact, from his letter, it is clear that Nnamdi Kanu would prefer the British to negotiate his release.

Western Governments have been known to spring to the vigorous defence of their citizens being held in foreign countries – when they are Whites, but have been known to ignore the plight of their citizens of African origin on occasion.

For instance, the  first person to have died of Ebola in Nigeria, Patrick Sawyer, was a Liberian-American who scurried all the way from Liberia to Nigeria to die, even after he knew he had the deadly virus. The US Government did not lift a finger to save him, even after it knew that he had the deadly virus, but when White American doctor, Dr Kent Brantly, contracted the same virus, he was immediately airlifted from Liberia and given a previously secret drug that saved him.

So, we are saying, that the British Government may not listen to Nnamdi Kanu’s plea for assistance to get him released, and may continue to render barebones assistance like attending his court appearances and visiting him in jail because he is an African-British man.

The British Government will only give a free Mandela treatment to Nnamdi Kanu if there is sustained media pressure for that. A simple letter from Kanu’s lawyer won’t do a thing.