Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli’s husband, Nnamdi, sends her romantic Instagram message on her birthday

Nollywood Actress Omoni Oboli is one year older today April 22nd, 2016. To mark the milestone, her husband went to his Instagram page and sent her this birthday message that is sure to make her heart melt.  Nnamdi wrote;

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ONE TRUE LOVE!!! I just want to thank God for His goodness and mercy for your life and what He has accomplished in and through you I only ask for one thing from you Lord; that you keep her in peace and let her heart be steadfast towards YouI ask this because I know that the manifestation of the blessings that you have packaged for her Would be impossible to contain in her human vessel, so she will need to stay connected under your ever loving bannerI’m not putting these heartfelt words together just to sound poeticBut as your husband I speak with the conviction of one entrusted to speak life to you in the prophetic Long life and prosperity we often bless many on this joyous occasion And why not? This prayer covers everything and all we need to mentionMay you live long to enjoy the prosperity that God has given you In Jesus name! Happy Birthday babe!

This reminds me of the loving relationship that exists between Omotola Ekeinde and her husband. Keep it up you too. By the way, Omoni has given her husband 3 boys and she her figure is till so sweet.


Liz Da Silva exposes legs in micro mini outfit

Nollywood actress Liz Da Silva took to Instagram to share the above photo, where she looked ready to hit the road. She had on a red bag and shoe to match. What you think of her micro mini skirt?

There is a community of Afro-Brazilians that migrated to Lagos in the 1950s or thereabout and have been settled there ever since. I’m talking about the Da Silvas, Da Rocas, Pedros and others. I think that’s what explains her surname (hmm, I’ve been posting about Brazil, Afro Brazilians and people named ‘Silva’ today).