Why Not Use The ‘Illegal Refineries’ To Reduce Kerosene Price?

The price of kerosene, which millions of Nigerian households depend on to cook is rising above what they can afford to pay. If kerosene was being supplied in sufficient quantity, the price will not be threatening millions of Nigerians with hunger …and anger.

Every few months, Civil Defence delight in telling us that they destroyed so and so number of so-called illegal refineries. But these refineries could easily have been mandated to refine kerosene to bring down its skyrocketing cost.

The government should stop playing with fire, flirting with making millions of Nigerians hungry.

If this situation degerates and the people get desperate, are the police in sufficient numbers to maintain law and order adequately? Clearly our police force is already overstratched as at now.  Continue reading “Why Not Use The ‘Illegal Refineries’ To Reduce Kerosene Price?”