Fuel Price Deregulation Slashes Gridlock, Empties Petrol Stations

The unpopular deregulation of the price of petrol by the Federal Government of Nigeria has led to less traffic gridlock.
Now, this is in its own way good news for workers who hitherto had to commute long distances to work. Journeys that used to last for 1 hour now last for 20 minutes maximum in some places.
As a result, man-hours have reduced drastically, as people have more time to play with before heading to work. Wives are relieved that their husbands don’t have to leave too early to work unlike before.

The High Price Paid For This

But there is a high price that has been paid. As a result of the high price of petrol, so many people now pack their cars at home. They prefer to take public transport.
While this increase in demand may be good news for public transport businesses, the petrol stations in the country are really feeling the pinch. (Ironically, the independent petrol marketers are the ones that pressured Buhari’s government to deregulate the fuel price in the first place.) Continue reading “Fuel Price Deregulation Slashes Gridlock, Empties Petrol Stations”