One Area Where Erdogan And Assad Agree

Syrian President Assad’s forces have until recently, avoided bombing the Kurdish fighters in Syria, instead forging a loose alliance with them.

The reason for this loose alliance is clear: Assad needs all the support he can get in terms of boots on the ground in his fight against those opposed  to his government. The Islamic State (IS) is one of those groups that is a big threat to Assad’s power and the Kurdish fighters have been allowed to fight them while the government concentrates on fighting other groups. Continue reading “One Area Where Erdogan And Assad Agree”

41 Killed In Attack On Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport which is the third busiest airport in Europe is the scene of a bomb and gun attack that has killed 41 people and wounded 239.

The attack is the deadliest in a series of bomb attacks that have occurred in Turkey this year.

Citizens from China, Jordan, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Iran and Ukraine are among the dead. Five Saudis and 2 Iraqis were also killed.


The attack started when one of the attackers started shooting in the departures hall. After that, he and 2 others blew themselves up in or around the arrivals hall. Continue reading “41 Killed In Attack On Istanbul Airport”