‘5 Ways Obama Betrayed Africa’

The writer of the piece I have linked to below, OREVA-OGHENNE EJIRO has no chill for outgoing US president Barrak Obama. He accuses Kenyan American Obama of cutting Nigeria’s oil sales to the US, while increasing the oil sales of Qatar. Remember that our economic problems really started after Obama cut Nigeria’s oil sales to the US.

He accuses Obama of destroying what he described as Africa’s jewel, Libya under Ghadaffi. Remember that during Ghaddaffi’s time newly weds in Libya used to receive a house from the government free of charge for instance.

Read all his accusations against Obama here. Is OREVA-OGHENNE EJIRO right about Obama? if yes, are there any other ways you feel Obama damaged or tried to damage Africa? Lets get your brief comment below.

Brexit Victory Makes Trump America’s Seseseko

A few years ago, we had a Zairean president called Mobutu, who gave himself the title Seseseko. Seseseko is a Congolese phrase that means ‘Lion who goes from conquest to conquest leaving fire in its wake’ – in order words, a warrior who marches from victory to victory, and that is what US Republican candidate Donald Trump, aka The Donald, has been doing ever since he declared he was running for President of the United States

And with his string of upset victories Trump has become the worst nightmare of the political establishment on both the Republican and Democratic Parties, as he delivers blow after blow, and defies prediction after prediction.

The Republican elite is wondering how they ever came to be saddled with such a nonconformist candidate as Donald Trump, Continue reading “Brexit Victory Makes Trump America’s Seseseko”

Why Obama Is Fighting So Hard To Bring Trump Down

Obama’s hatred for Donald Trump did not start today. It started when Trump led efforts a few years ago to suggest that Obama was not born in the United States, and therefore, that he wasn’t qualified to be US President. It seems Obama has never forgiven him for that.

And in his 2016 campaign, The Donald has repeatedly Continue reading “Why Obama Is Fighting So Hard To Bring Trump Down”

Brits come for ‘part Kenyan’ Obama for ‘sticking his nose in their business’

Meeting 2-year-old Prince George, the future King of Britain was not the only thing President Barack Obama did in his recent official visit to the United Kingdom – probably his last as US President. Mr Obama also wrote an article in which he  argued that Brits should vote to remain in the European Union in a coming referendum on that matter.

But that piece of advice did not go down well with many members of the British public as well as its press, and some ‘bold’ government officials, as they came out on Twitter and other media to condemn his ‘intervention’ in Continue reading “Brits come for ‘part Kenyan’ Obama for ‘sticking his nose in their business’”