Trump leading Rubio in his home state: New poll

With the recent onslaught against Donald Trump led by an energized Marco Rubio, you would think that Trump wouldn’t amount to much to voters in Rubio’s home state of Florida, but reverse is the case. Donald Trump is actually beating Marco Rubio by 8 percent in a Monmouth University poll announced on Monday.

Donald Trump is in fact, rebounding from a bad period in which it seemed everything was turning against him. Fellow New York billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, who had for months been mulling an entry into the presidential race (a move that many Trump supporters believed would have hurt Trump more than Hillary Clinton) just announced that he wouldn’t run after all.

No matter what anyone, including Michael Bloomberg himself says, that news that he wouldn’t join the race, coupled with the Florida poll numbers is music to Donald Trumps ears. The truth is that what was needed to stop Trump was someone with limitless amounts of cash, not someone who would face a struggle

The truth is that what was needed to stop Trump was someone with limitless amounts of cash, not someone who would face a struggle to raise money, but now, that is gone. Couple that with the refusal of the Koch Brothers to finance any stop -Trump movement in the Republican Party and you have another reason why Donald Trump will be very difficult to stop in this election cycle.

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Mitt Romney pays for mistake of criticizing The Donald (without offering any alternative direction)

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney who lost to Barak Obama in 2012,for some reason doesn’t like the Trump candidacy at all.

So, he went out and delivered an anti-Trump speech in which he didn’t give any clear alternatives to a Trump candidacy. It seemed to be an anything-but-Trump speech, as Romney didn’t endorse Rubio or Cruz.

After that Trump chewed him out, characterizing him as someone who was so desperate for power in 2012, he would have done almost anything thing to get an endorsement from him.

You have to give it to The Donald: He has a ready answer for almost anyone who blasts him. Maybe Mitt should have held his options like fellow investors and big-time Republican donors the Koch Brothers, who have decided not to fund any anti-Trump move because they haven’t seen any attack on Trump that stuck. Even former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is wisely looking before he leaps.

The Republican Party should remember that there are dangers in stopping Trump, who can easily do a ‘Ross Perot’ on them. Last word: Mitts attack on Trump did not stick. It slid off. Please any attacks on Trump from now on should come with endorsements of the attacker’s preferred alternative. Thanks.

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Donald Trump Threatens To Sue Ted Cruz If He Doesn’t Stop Negative Ads

“If @TedCruz doesn’t clean up his act, stop cheating, & doing negative ads, I have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen,” Trump tweeted.

Donald Trump also says that if Cruz is elected as Republican nominee, Democrats would argue that he is ineligible to be elected US president due to his birth in Canada.

Cruz who won the Iowa Caucus on the other hand is arguing that he is the only Republican candidate that can beat Trump. This is a stratagem to gain support from establishment figures in the US Republican Party who are uncomfortable with Donald Trump becoming their party’s flagbearer, due to what they see as his unconventional style and more extreme views.

Will Cruz stop the ads as Trump has demanded, or will he stick to them and push Trump to sue him? Only time will tell.