CNN Slams Trump For Calling Meghan Markle Nasty

CNN is not amused after President Trump called Prince Harry’s American wife Meghan Markle ‘nasty‘ in the interview he granted the Sun the other day.

A fiery article, CNN slashed into the sharp tongued president, accusing him of reserving the word ‘nasty’ for women he wants to insult.

The article recalled that Trump used the same insult on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

We reported to you that in 2016, Meghan Markle threatened to leave the United States if The Donald won the presidential election, and after he won, she kept her word.

She left the US for UK, where she is now the Duchess of Sussex and a royal princess.

Meghan, who is known as a no-nonsense kind of person by her family, her in-laws and their staff, has Not said she will leave the Buckingham Palace reception if Trump comes to visit her in-laws the British royal family during his coming state visit to UK and starts shading her in his speech.

So, we will be watching the body language of these two Americans when they finally meet on British soil.

Meghan’s facial expression might show the man she ‘ran away from’ has come calling. Will she role her eyes like Governor Chris Christie’s wife?

Or will she put up the British stiff upper lip and smile through everything?

As Trump often says, we’ll see what happens.

BREXIT: Britain Should Start Breaching EU Rules, Exasperated Tory Donor Urges

“We should say, ‘we’ve got to have life after this, so we’re creating that life. We are creating trade agreements which are in breach of everything, because we won’t be in breach by the time you come to take us to court’. That’s how Elizabeth I would have been leading with this.”

This is beginning to look like a civilized civil war. Theresa May feels she has all it takes to be Britain’s George Washington, but Mr Odey thinks Mr Gove would be a better George Washington. 

As Donald Trump would say, “Let’s see how it goes.”